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Mission Statement: To teach, support and EMPOWER Women & Girls globally to find their Voice  through  interactive Health Education, Advocacy and Entrepreneur Programs. 

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Every woman and girl deserves and is entitled to be...heard, respected and valued. Unfortunately, these fundamental Rights, across the global landscape aren't practiced 100%. It's time to change the dialogue and increase our actions.

I wanted to be part of an organization that helps women & girls globally take ownership of their lives through health, advocacy and business ownership. This (fantasy) organization would value and embody global stewardship and create an environment where women & girls could learn about positive health/wellness modalities; learn & embrace the reality of creating and running a business while being a support community; teaching our girls these lessons early. I had a vision of an organization

being the "Well of Strength" for women Veterans in transition as they find their VOICE. I envision an organization

equipping our girls with a "life tool kit" to cultivate their power and use it for good. I envisioned an organization that values and respects each woman's journey without judgment while assisting in identifying each woman's gifts and talents. Needless to say, I haven't found such an organization that embodied or resembled all that I had envisioned. Therefore, I decided to build it!!

The Women's Empowerment Series, Inc. is a global non profit organization with the ability to be of service where needed. We assist women and girls to organically find their Voice and be unapologetic as they stand in their truth. All programs and services are created by women for women and girls. We believe your environment sets the stage for your experience and I believe every woman and girl deserve the best because we are worth it. Therefore your surroundings will be beautiful with each and every engagement that you have with us. We will encourage you not to be afraid of your Voice as you Own Your Power. We will teach you, encourage you, motivate you and celebrate with you. Empowering women and girls is what we do.

All my Jesuit education, lessons and experience (both positive and not so much) have led me to this mindful reflection and Call to Action. Words that are the cornerstone of my life, " To whom much is given, much is required." Therefore, our Board of Directors, staff & myself are honored to be of Service.


Lisa L. Dent, B.S in Community Heath and Sociology & M.S. Health Education/Health Services- Founder & President

American Sheroes:Women Veterans Only


GEZ:Girls Empowerment Zone


7-14 years old

Global Outreach & Mission Trips


Gladys Johnson College Scholarship Fund


S.T.E.M or Classical Music majors

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