GEZ:Girls Empowerment Zone-Ages 7-14

The Challenge

So often our girls are bombarded with messages that they aren't good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough or thin enough. It's difficult for girls at this impressionable age to decipher what is a healthy message vs. what is Marketing...

The Solution

We at The Women's Empowerment Series created the Girls Empowerment Zone to deliver a different message to girls. We want our girls to have messages of positivity, self acceptance/love and healthy behaviors while learning to be fantastic young ladies. We'll include in their "life tool kit" the tools needed to harness their POWER (all girls have it:) and the appropriate way to use it.

The Journey begins with our Girl Centric Menu

I. Mother-Daughter Retreat 

- 3 days/2 nights at luxury location

- Private Chef

- Impactful workshops to deepen your relationship coupled with fun activities.

II. GEZ:Summer Experience

 6 weeks at at upscale locations

- Weekly impactful themes and activities (Mindfulness, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Team Building & The Arts, S.T.E.M & Global Literacy)

- All inclusive pricing: Meals by Celebrity Chef, Golf lessons, Expert Women Facilitators, daily Yoga and more.

III. In school Workshops by request. School Presentation- 5 Principles of Empowerment for Girls

GEZ:2019 Summer Experience Registration

Online registration begins December 1, 2018

Mother-Daughter Retreat:May 31st-June 2, 2019

Registration opens January 2019

(5th-8th grade girls)

Saturday Program: September 2019-May 2019

Are you & your Powerful girl ready to join us? Spend 2 Saturdays a month exploring different genres of Music, Art, Science and Culture. Includes surprise guests and field trips.

Registration opens September 1, 2019

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