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* October 2018 

* December 2018 

* March 2019

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II. 4 Week Training & Discovery Program: 

We developed this program to assist Veteran Women in transferring their skills to civilian living while reclaiming their dignity through self discovery. We will coach, train and cheer for her as she takes ownership of her “gifts” through our holistic workshops.

Here are a few areas we address:

* Life Skills * Holistic Health & Behaviors * Job Readiness

* Business Building Blocks * Communication Skills * Standing In Your Truth * Job training and placement are a part of our programming. Upon completion of the Program a certificate is awarded at the “graduation. The Community (business & personal) are invited.

III. 4 Week Entrepreneur Boot Camp

* Do you need to support your family without restrictions or glass ceiling? 

* Are you thinking about the next Chapter of your life?

* Have you been "down-sized/displaced" and see this as an opportunity to design your own PATH?

* Have you retired too early but want to turn your skill set or hobby into serious revenue generation?

The questions & circumstances are endless but the opportunities are fleeting....It's your time to chart your own destiny by developing your very own Business.

This is not a Business Center, so our approach is very different. Before registering for this course, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have the aptitude and attitude to create, develop and run a business?

 2. A you ready for the commitment and sacrifice?

3. Are you ready and willing to get out of your comfort zone?

If the answer is yes to at least two of the above questions then we promise to provide you with lessons based on theory and current business practices to succeed. The information learned can be implemented immediately for starting and running a successful business.

Are YOU ready?