We are always looking for people who embrace our Mission & Principles and are willing & able to be of authentic service.  All skill sets & talents are welcome. Contact us today...you are needed.   -------------------------------------------------------------------

Program Volunteers:
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Development Dept.- Lisa - N.J
Human Resources Dept.- Eleanor-PA
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Human Resources Dept.-Beverly-PA                        
My hobbies are: Travel, Baking; Reading; Ministry. I volunteered because I just retired after a 45 year career in Human Resources, primarily using my technical and analytical skills, and would love to share my experiences and expertise.  
Marketing Dept: Madison-PA
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                                SUMMER INTERNS: 
  Marketing Dept:            Kathleen-PA
My hobbies include reading, cooking with my mom, and exploring the city.
I wanted to volunteer with this organization because as a woman entering into the business world after graduation, I feel as if organizations like this are needed in which we support each other through learning.
 Marketing Dept.             Julianna-PA
I love reading, hiking, and baking! I wanted to get involved in women's empowerment because I think that it's more important now than ever that women fight for equal rights and treatment, and that we supply them with the information to do so.  

"I enjoy volunteering for TWES, Inc. because of Mrs. Dent. When you talk to Mrs. Dent about the mission statement, you could hear the passion in her voice. It is really encouraging to volunteer for someone who is willing to go the extra step to help out women and girls to have a voice and confidence around the world. I am so glad to have the opportunity to volunteer and help out in any way." Yoon


"I believe that women and girls should have a place to turn to in order to feel encouraged, motivated and healthy. The Women's Empowerment Series provides women with the right to be heard, respected and valued which I feel is not only important but necessary." Megan

"From the time I was a little girl, I was forced into activities and roles that were considered 'fit' for a female. I struggled finding the confidence to reach for my dreams. There is nothing more amazing and fulfilling to me than being able to help other women and girls find that potential and use it to their advantage. As women, we must lift each other up and support one another, especially in a world that is constantly trying to tell us otherwise. The Women's Empowerment Series, Inc. does exactly this, which is what led me to becoming so passionate about being their Intern." Annabella