We're a different kind of 501(c)3-non-profit. We believe in collaborating not competing with other non-profits.
 When you have authentic support amazing outcomes can be achieved. 
                                                    Mission Statement:
To teach, support and EMPOWER Women & Girls globally to find their VOICE through interactive Health Education, Advocacy and Entrepreneurship Programs.
                                     4 IMPACTFUL PROGRAMS 
Women & girls taking control of their health, owning their POWER, being Advocates, becoming economically self sufficient while strengthening their communities.  
                                                      Our 3 Principles:
1) Every woman & girl deserves to be Seen and Heard
2) Every woman & girl deserves to be Respected
3) Every woman & girl deserves to be Safe 
                                                            Our Truth:
"Every woman and girl have a VOICE. We help them Find it, Embrace it & Amplify it.....with CONFIDENCE!" by our Founder & President, Lisa L. Dent, M.S Hed