We're a different kind of 501(c)3-non-profit. We believe in collaborating not competing with other non-profits.
 When you have authentic support amazing outcomes can be achieved. 
                                                    Mission Statement:
To teach, support and EMPOWER Women & Girls globally to find their VOICE through interactive Health Education, Advocacy and Entrepreneurship Programs.
                                     4 IMPACTFUL PROGRAMS 
Women & girls taking control of their health, owning their POWER, being Advocates, becoming economically self sufficient while strengthening their communities.  
                                                           3 Principles:
1) Every woman & girl deserves to be Seen and Heard
2) Every woman & girl deserves to be Respected
3) Every woman & girl deserves to be Safe 
                                                            Our Truth:
"Every woman and girl have a VOICE. We help them Find it, Embrace it & Amplify it.....with CONFIDENCE!" by our Founder & President, Lisa L. Dent, M.S H.Ed
                                             HOW CAN YOU HELP  US:                                    
- Be a Supporter - Spread our mission and talk about us. Inform us about any person or community  that you think could need our services and we will put in contact with them.
- Be a Volunteer - You can help us in many ways. Click here* to tell us how you think you can support us.
- Shopping Online-Help us while you are making your purchases through or on eBAY you can shop or sell and support The Women’s Empowerment Series, Inc. on eBay. Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. You will also be able to easily donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits. The eBay for Charity platform makes it all happen! Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities..  It is very easy and you don’t have to incur any additional costs.
- Donate Now - For your contribution you are making it possible that Women Empowerment Series continues to assist Women Veteran (at no cost to the Veteran), women in transition & programs that teach girls to be Empowered women
- Be a Sponsor or Partner - Contact Us and learn more about how you/your company can help and benefits/rewards you receive in return..