Her-story / The "Why"

Every woman and girl deserves and is entitled to be...heard, respected and valued. Unfortunately, these fundamental Rights, across the global landscape aren't practiced 100%. It's time to change the dialogue and increase our actions.

I wanted to be part of an organization that helps women globally take ownership of their lives through health, advocacy and business ownership. This (fantasy) organization would value and embody global stewardship and create an environment where women could learn about prevention, challenges, solutions and remedies regarding their health.

I envision this organization providing the "reality check" for creating and running a business. I had a vision of this organization being the "Well of Strength" for women Veterans and women in transition as they find their VOICE. I envision this organization equipping our girls with a "life tool kit" to cultivate their power and use it for good. I envisioned an organization that values and respects each woman's journey without judgment while assisting in identifying each woman's gifts and talents. Needless to say, I haven't found such an organization that embodied or resembled all that I had envisioned. Therefore, I decided to build it!!

The Women's Empowerment Series, Inc. is a global organization with the ability to be of service where needed. We assist women and girls to organically find their Voice and be unapologetic as they stand in their truth. All programs and services are created by women for women and all Facilitators and Instructors are women. We believe your environment sets the stage for your experience and I believe every woman and girl deserve the best because we are worth it. Therefore your surroundings will be beautiful with each and every engagement that you have with us. We will encourage you not to be afraid of your Voice as you Own Your Power. We will teach you, encourage you, motivate you and celebrate with you.

All my Jesuit education, lessons and experience (both positive and not so much) have led me to this moment of giving. Words that are the cornerstone of my life, " To whom much is given, much is required." Therefore, it is my honor to be of Service to those in need. Namaste.
Lisa L. Dent, B.S in Community Heath and Sociology & M.S. Health Education/Health Services- Founder & President
Board of Directors‎ 
Lisa L Dent, M.S. H.Ed.
The Women's Empowerment Series, Inc.
* Founder *
  Marilyn Tinari, Ed. D
Head of Middle School for girls
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 1992–2014
* Founding Board Member/Vice Chair*

Advisory council

* Beverly Goldston (Pennsylvania) 

* James E. Brown lll, Esq  (Virginia)    
* Greg Firmbach-Past Commander American Legion Post 308/Retired Naval Patrol 
about our founder
Lisa has a life-long commitment to the many facets of Human Systems and helping individuals & groups elevate and realize their potential. With more then 25 years of Corporate experience in such industries as Commercial & Personal Insurance; Managed Care; Hospice Services; Staffing/Full Cycle Recruitment; Employment Counseling and Education coupled with over 20 years in the Health & Fitness Industry (Certified Instructor & Personal Trainer), she brings a rare range of diverse expertise to her clients’ needs. >Having held a variety of Corporate positions, including Underwriter, Manager, Director, Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer with such companies as CIGNA P/C & Cigna Healthcare, AIG, a Staffing firm and VistaCare Hospice, many diverse revenue-driving strategies have been developed and executed for various industries. Lisa is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Education Specialist, has created & executed Health Education/ Fitness workshops for Schools & Communities. She is a former College Professor and Elementary School Teacher; featured speaker; interviewee and writer (Reg'l & National publications) regarding her advocacy for Women in Business, Community and Corporate Health. She is also a Child Advocate in the area of Brain Injury/Concussion.She is frequently called upon to contribute articles for newsletters and magazines in the area of Wellness & Employee Retention. Based on an article she wrote for the Smiley Report (A Tavis Smiley Publication), “The Emotions of An Entrepreneur: A Woman's Perspective,” The Women’s Empowerment Series was created. For additional information about our Founder, visit her LINKEDIN profile.